An Emotional Experience

Aug 23, 2018 | Art, Creativity, Featured Artist, Oklahoma Artist

As an Oklahoma design company, we love featuring local artists at myheartcreative. We believe that it is vital to support each other and build a community of creators. This August, we welcome the work of Virginia Sitzes. This talented local artist uses color and stroke techniques in a way that evokes strong feelings in her audience. In her own words, “My work becomes more than just a visual experience; it begins to beg an emotional response.”

Virginia Sitzes myheartcreative featured artist


Virginia earned her BFA from the University of Oklahoma in 2017 and co-founded Art Group OKC in November of 2017. She describes her process as “intensive,” where she is “consumed by the moment.” Virginia creates beautiful paintings, prints, and merchandise. Her work reflects internal thoughts and processes, as well as fun and beauty that she finds throughout the world. Her work has been featured at galleries in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and the Dallas area. When she has the time, Virginia also teaches workshops on printmaking, which was the focus of her BFA.

Nature Lover

As a rock climber and nature lover, much of this artist’s earlier work reflects the natural wonder of the world. She draws inspiration in the organic colors and movement found all around. Virginia is also dedicated to the preservation of natural landscape. Some of her Bear Belly merchandise goes to support Bears Ears and Grand Staircase National Monuments.

entry myheartcreative Virginia Sitzes

Our Studio

We are thrilled to get to know such an incredible artist. The beauty and emotion of her work is an excellent addition to the myheartcreative studio. We have already sold one of her pieces. Her collection brings the beauty of nature and emotional expression to our workspace, and we know that viewing the brilliance of another’s art can and will inspire our own creativity.

emotional myheartcreative Virginia Sitzes

conf myheartcreative Virginia Sitzes

an emotional experience myheartcreative Virginia Sitzes

To see the work of Virginia Sitzes, take a look at her website at, her Instagram, or come to the studio and view it in person. Perhaps it will motivate you to do something creative.


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