My first art class was in the fifth grade. I loved every single art class I had throughout my public education. I was so inspired by my art teachers that I actually started my university level education out to become an art teacher! I have always felt we will all have to work for the rest of our lives so why not love what you do?

Once I was starting to get in my major courses I realized, “If I become an art teacher…I have to teach art.” Yes this is an obvious epiphany, but I realized after school I needed more freedom in my career. I explored the idea of being a Graphic Designer because there seemed to be so many different avenues I could take with this career (ad agency, design firm, freelance, and more).


UCO Senior Graphic Design Show 2006

Although by trade I am a “Graphic Designer”, I still like to play around with the whole art and expression thing on my own time.


My favorite medium was always pen/pencil and paper. I loved the simplicity and cleanliness of the medium. I still love grabbing a notepad and zoning out the world around me for some “artist” time. I finally spent some time this raining evening adding some doodles here on my site.



See more doodles here and below.







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