Here’s How To Get The Most Fun Out Of Your Weekend

Sep 11, 2015 | Art, Creative, Moms, Personal

We all know play is important, but sometimes as a mom I get in a rut. Often I feel like we do the same activities day in and day out. The issue here is there is no room for exploration and growth for my children and I without new experiences. Thankfully Sam regularly pushes us outside of our comfort zones with new adventures, such as attending Wiggle Out Loud (free by the way), but as a mom trying to run a design business it can be tough to give the kids tinkering time and new adventures… or so it seems.

A few years back we stopped in at IKEA to shop for some pieces and picked up a these colorful beads. They’ve been sitting in my daughters closet just waiting to be used! So instead of our regular Saturday morning being filled with the same toys and playtime we decided to do something different. Did it cost us hundreds of dollars? Nope! Just $6 and we turned a simple Saturday into a fabulous flow of creativity and fun.

how to get the most fun out of your weekend photos working together

how to get the most fun out of your weekend photos moms crazy pattern

how to get the most fun out of your weekend photos concentration


This particular activity had the following benefits:

  • exercised our imagination
  • helped the kids develop their fine motor skills
  • improved their hand/eye coordination
  • bonded us together
  • provided opportunities for expression

how to get the most fun out of your weekend photos creations
As you try to provide your children learning opportunities don’t feel like it has to be super complex or expensive. A simple family art project will do the trick when the mundane tries to creep in and steal your joy.

Try the following 10 tips to get the most fun out of your weekend:

  1. look inside your kids rooms and closets for crafts and games you may have forgotten about
  2. give one of these art projects a go
  3. change the scenery for lunch – just getting out of the house to take in new environments while enjoying a meal together is a plus
  4. search for free activities in your city – here, here, and here are few great resource for Oklahoma City
  5. garden – it will encourage you to get outside of the house to tend to the plants and therefor an opportunity for the kids to play outside, win win
  6. play some tunes and jam out with the littles – kids love to dance and have fun so don’t forget to show them how it’s really done
  7. make a special breakfast and while your cooking have your older children or husband read from the Bible app
  8. get ready early so you don’t waste the day away
  9. volunteer in your community or at your place of worship together as a family
  10. don’t be afraid to make a mess – messes can always be cleaned up and are worth the memories made

As summer is coming to an end you may or may not have had an opportunity to take a glorious vacation with your family, but this fall I challenge you to get the most fun out of your weekends with your family.


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