Balance and Beauty

Sep 17, 2019 | Featured Artist, Art, Creativity, Oklahoma Artist

Supporting local artists aligns with our values as an Oklahoma web design company. We are pleased to present the work of Emma Difani. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from the University of New Mexico, Emma’s drawings, prints, and products are truly unique.

What Is Art?

Emma’s view of art is apparent in her work as well as her inspiration. She explains, “Art is about learning, connecting, and expanding your knowledge of and relationships with the world and the people around you. I’ve always been driven by my curiosity and interest in learning about anything and everything. As an artist, I get to be a lifelong student, researcher, explorer, follow whatever passion I may have. The same reason I want to be an artist is the same reason I want to cook; it’s a very tangible way of connecting and showing care. Both food and art are physical manifestations of care and creativity.”





In keeping with her interest in connection and exploration, Emma’s current collection explores the human reaction to the ecology of their environment.

“Living where unaltered environments are scarce within an expansive city, I’ve needed to broaden my appreciation of ecology and include the squares of soil inset in the city sidewalks, the birds’ nests in the eaves of bridges and the ivy creeping unrestrained across parking garages. Parks, gardens, and other small pockets of wild in the city represent the most regular interaction most of us have with the natural environment. They are the union of the grown and constructed. They can be beautiful places that encourage healthy relationships to our neighbors, nature, and ourselves.


Since moving to Oklahoma City, I have found inspiration in the wild places in urban spaces all around us. These places, whether large public parks or community gardens, are vital to creating personal connections to the natural world. This relationship is under stress and will have serious consequences like dramatic climate change if we cannot restore a balanced relationship with our environment.”Balance-beauty


Take Away

Emma hopes that people who view her work will find personal awareness in her pieces. “In most of my work, I’m trying to create complex and contemplative visual spaces for viewers to consider and appreciate their personal and our larger, communal relationship with the environment. My works are often quiet observations of my environment, both grown and constructed. I hope my work might inspire viewers to stop, observe, and connect with their own habitat in a more meaningful and conscientious way.”


Please schedule a time to come view Emma’s work for yourself. You might find an early Christmas present as well as your new favorite artist.

If you have any questions about web design OKC or presenting your artwork at our studio, please contact us.


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