Bubba’s Room

Feb 15, 2014 | Creative, Handmade, Personal

With a little inspiration from Pinterest, help from my mom, my husband’s culture, and my own minimal style I designed our baby boy’s room. Here is a glimpse of some of my favorite parts.


I painted the glass on an old picture frame with chalkboard paint to make his chalkboard. Then I used green colored chalk and started writing, drawing, and lettering his birthday details directly onto the chalkboard. I had a rough plan in mind, but I didn’t want the finished product to look too perfect so I just went for it!

My mom did the sewing for the handmade mobile we created together. We used a larger silver hook to screw the mobile into the ceiling. We tied three natural looking burlap strings to the hook and then to a large round silver ring. From the ring hangs three different elephants. To make the mobile even more special one of the elephants is made of the material my sister used for Bubba’s baby shower.




We decorated the room with bright green, soft tan, white, and a dark orange. I designed these two pictures to illustrate where Bubba’s mom and dad are from. I hope he grows up feeling special that he has family all over the world that love him so much.



Here’s is a precious antique elephant my mom bought Bubba and a Pantone Colors book a friend gave him. Both of these cherished gifts are sitting on one of the two white shelves which are mounted to the wall Sam painted tan and white stripes. The wall itself was made with love and I always enjoy thinking about the day Sam and I laughed so hard while we marked all the lines for him to paint. What a great memory of us working as a team and not killing each other.



Now this is truly the best thing I’ve ever created! The picture of Bubba was taken of him asleep in his crib back in August, but he still sleeps with that warm tan blanket. Ah love this boy!


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