Certificate of Life

Dec 10, 2014 | Print design, Free Download, Personal, Printable

As graphic design OKC experts, we were commissioned to create something very unique and extremely special – a certificate of life for Micah Marie Hamell, who was born into heaven. Like many women who have had miscarriages, stillbirths, or who experience infant death, Micah’s mom Mindi mourns her daughter, Micah’s life. In spite of mourning, she also wishes to celebrate and honor Micah’s short life. Mindi requested we create a certificate design for Micah so that she could frame and hang the print in her home. Mindi shared, “When you lose a little one so early in the womb, you don’t get a lot to remember her by. This certificate of life gives us a meaningful place for her name and date to be written so that it can be displayed in beauty and honor, the way she is so cherished in our hearts.”

We agreed to create this design, and in return, we asked permission to make some free printable certificates of life designs available on our blog. Mindi so kindly agreed.



Mindi has a pink rose bush planted in memory of baby Micah, so the design features a subtle rose in the background. The typography is clean and classic to give the design a timeless feel so that the Hamell family can hold this piece dear to their hearts for many years to come.


Sam and I also experienced a miscarriage with our baby Koraline before we had Bubba. At the time, we were crushed, but we now wish to celebrate our baby by helping other families. We understand what it’s like to cherish the memories and love of our baby born into God’s hands. Pictured below is a photo we took of the first sign of Koraline’s life. So here’s to celebrating little babes, here on earth, in our tummies, and in heaven above.


Download all the free printables.


Or download them individually by clicking the certificates below.








Please contact us if you have any questions you have about certificates of life or other graphic design OKC work.

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