Content Strategy and Web Design OKC: 5 Steps and 4 Tips

Nov 24, 2021 | Content Writing

When it comes to web design OKC, the last thing that many clients think about is content. However, content and design work hand-in-hand to boost your branding OKC. For a website to be successful, you need to have both. Check out our latest live video to discover why.

What Sets Us Apart.

As a full-service studio, we never let our clients walk alone. We start discussing content during the design meeting because it plays an essential role in the design. During design and development your audience, offerings, messages, and overall content drive the work. After we have a workable development link with the initial navigation plan or sitemap in place we begin the content process, rather than leaving it up to you to figure out.


Our Content Process.

Over the years, we have refined our content process to achieve the best results when a site launches.


Step One

You will receive a Website Content Preparation Document. This document will help you plan for the pages and information you would like to include in your content. It will help guide the Content Meeting.


Step Two

Once a development link is ready, we will meet to create a content plan as we look at the site and its design. Remember that the content must work within the design.


Step Three

We include writing and/or editing in most of our website packages. After the meeting, we will know what content you will provide and which pages will need to be written by myheartcreative. At this point, you will send us the content or the information to write the content.


Step Four

At this stage, we will add the content and images to the website. We add content so that it is attractive, scannable, and easy to follow. Then, we send the site back to you for review.


Step Five

The last step is your final approval of the site and the launch.

This process may seem straightforward, but the content is where many of our web design OKC clients need the most help. People can easily get stuck here, which is why this process is so important.

4 Tips for Successful Content.

1. Know What Your Message and Goals Are

We will discuss the message and goals for your branding OKC in the design phase of the project. We then fine-tune it further in the content. Your visual message needs to have the correct tone and wording.


2. Use the Content Preparation Document

The document is available to help you prepare the information we need for your content. Not having the information we need will slow the process. If you do not want to use the document, make sure that you find a way to keep track of your thoughts on the subject. The main topics to consider early in the process are:

  • Navigation
  • Page List
  • E-commerce information


3. Ask Questions and Give Feedback

Review the site as updates are made and give your honest feedback. Also, ask questions if you do not understand something. Make sure to review the website thoroughly before you take it live. We want to launch a site that you will love.


4. Limit the Number of Cooks in the Kitchen

You might want a second opinion on your website as you review it. Your design and content will not appeal to everyone’s taste, however. Bringing in the thoughts of too many people will cause confusion. Only ask one or two people who understand your brand and goals for your website.

At myheartcreative, we treat each web design OKC project as if it were our own. If you have any questions about our websites or any other service, please contact us.


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