To have a successful blog you must show up, write, and post. No fear allowed! Many people start blogs, but few continue them year after year. That’s ok, but one of our favorite definitions for success involves not giving up. To keep a blog alive you must blog. It’s that simple. So why does it feel so hard? Today on Facebook LIVE I’m going to talk about blogging with a CMS. Hopefully our LIVE video and tips will inspire you to blog and blog often!



Below you’ll see the blog we posted while live. Although it is unfinished it’s done! This blog was used as an exercise to show how easy blogging can be.

Choose Your Topic

Pick something you care about. Select a few different categories or concepts you want to write about and blog on them regularly.

Write a Draft

I like to use Google docs. We start out by writing really roughly and even sometimes in an outline format.

Refine the Draft

Select and Edit Images

Use Tags and Keywords

Post the Blog

A few of my favorite blogs for you all to check out:

Thank you Nicole for being a great sport! We love blogging and so will you.


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