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Feb 19, 2011 | Personal, Graphic Designer Oklahoma

I know it makes MY thorough heart happy to have a notepad nice and complete from start to finished especially when it is full of design hours! Not to say that I have not had my share of journals in the past that were never completely filled, but I love new journals and sketch books.

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I have been logging my design work hours on legal pads since 2006! At both my previous job and my current job I will jot my hours down on a legal pad and then transfer them to the computer. I filled two notepads while working for Jordan Associates. This week I turned to the last page on my fourth notepad to log my work hours. This month just so happens mark two and a half awesome years at my job. How cool is that? This all makes my meticulous self very happy! ha.

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As I was thinking about my design hours that I have logged over the years it got me thinking about all of the crazy work details a graphic designer has to think about:

  • design hours logged (or billable hours at some companies!)
  • deadlines
  • to do lists
  • meeting schedule
  • color settings
  • file size settings
  • design file organization
  • folder organization
  • print portfolio pieces filed neatly
  • web portfolio and print portfolio digital files organized
  • web portfolio, print portfolio, and logo portfolio current
  • notes and sketches filed with appropriate client folders
  • returning calls and emails on time
  • filing emails for future reference
  • overall project management
  • overall time management
  • specing out new projects…and more!

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I truly believe creatives not only need to be more than talent, but they also need to be detail oriented. Graphic designers can be so detailed on a design they zoom in to make sure every single pixel lines up, but you also must be accurate down to the very last design hour you log. A graphic designer who is not detailed oriented will have a hard time in the professional design world.

What details do you pay attention to at your job? Now I am off to log some more overtime…


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