Dialectic Tendencies

A collection of experiences, adventures and travels have built the foundation for Kerri Shadid to create art that is more than words, images, colors – she creates a shared experience. “My interest… morphed into an interest in relating to all people through the human experience.”


In her words, “Through art, I learn to embrace our absurd human condition”— this life is so beautiful and painful often simultaneously and though at first glance her art work on display is whimsical, the meaning behind it is often much more complicated. Can you relate? So often, we walk through life only encountering others at a surface level, but if we are able to take time to understand and experience one another our perspective will change. Kerri’s ability to capture moments that are equally as challenging as they are rewarding is what makes her art work, poetry, writing and creative genius stand in constant dialectic tension, truth and beauty.


On the surface Shadid’s bright use of colors, marbling, animals, and patterns draw your eyes and engage your mind. Kerri has perfected her techniques of layering and implementation of animals adds life and fun to any space while bringing a thoughtful dimension to those that look a bit deeper.


Peace of mind and tranquility are brought to spaces when Shadid’s art work adorns the wall. Kerri’s ability to bring energy (organic flow of marble designs) and structure (straight lines and grids) is a wonderful addition to our Oklahoma web design studio, myheartcreative. We love simplicity, creativity, positivity, and clarity which means, we love Kerri Shadid!

Meet Kerri in person –

Kerri’s work will be with us through the end of July. Every piece of artwork is for sale directly through Kerri. Let us know if you need help contacting her to make a purchase! Don’t miss the opportunity to meet her and view everything available at our upcoming party! You’re invited so RSVP via Facebook!

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