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Nov 1, 2012 | Doodles, Illustrations, Sketch Book

In August I started a project to doodle for 5 minutes each day in my sketchbook. You would think 5 minutes isn’t much to commit to, but some days it was a chore to make myself sit still for 5 minutes without any distractions. A few days I fell behind on my project, but I made them up as soon as I could. My daughter even noticed my sticky note reminder on top of my sketch book that said “Don’t forget your doodle today!” and she started holding me accountable. While at times it was hard to get my doodle in for the day overall the month was really nice.

doodleaday doodleaday4-5 doodleaday6-7

I enjoyed sitting down with just my brain, pen, and paper. Some days I doodled what was around me, other times I doodle things I had looked at that day, and a few of my favorite sketches I doodled friends and family. So here are my daily sketches from my doodle project.

doodleaday8-9 doodleaday10-11 doodleaday12-13 doodleaday16-17 doodleaday18-19 doodleaday20-21 doodleaday22-23     doodleaday24-25doodleaday26-27 doodleaday28-29 doodleaday30-31

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