Editing a Page in EE

Columns vs. Rows

When editing pages in Elemental Editor (EE) there are a few things you should remember, but in this blog we are going to focus on the difference between columns and rows. Which, as stated in our trainings, we like to think of them backwards, because ultimately on the pages the rows will create the columns and the columns will create the rows. So we think of the “columns” as rows going down the page and the “rows” as columns going across the page.

I do just want to touch base on one other thing before getting into the columns and rows. The “Single Content” will stretch the whole width of your site, so for anything that doesn’t need to be in two “rows”, you can use the “Single Content”.


Columns allow you to space out your information as well as choose the layout you want that column’s section to have. If you have one column that has three rows, and then want to go back to a single content layout, you can, just by starting a new column. Sometimes the columns are out of order on your page, so be sure (especially if you need information in a certain order) to find “Column #1” and then “Column #2”, etc.

columns editing a page on ee


Rows are what determines how many different sections you have going across the page.

add row editing a page on ee

If you want three sections, then you add three rows. You can add as many rows underneath one column as you want, but once it hits the width of your site, it will just drop it down like it would if you had put that information in a new column.

add row 2 editing a page on ee

If you add too many rows and don’t like the look, you can always delete rows as well.

delete row editing a page on ee

Just a reminder: even if there isn’t text or an image in a row, it will still size the rows as if there is information in it. So if your “Team” page normally has three people across, but in one of your columns you only have two rows the sizing will be off for those images/text, but if you just add another empty row, the images/text will be the same size as the information in the other columns.

Even though rows and columns can be a little confusing, once you get the hang of it you will be able to fly through editing/creating pages in EE. If you have any questions about EE or website design in Oklahoma City, please contact us.



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