envelope design

Rent? Yes please.

Hand drawn lettering? Yes please.

It’s hard to live with a male roommate sometimes, but there are plenty of perks to living with Matthew Mckim. As you can see one of the perks is receiving rent in beautiful hand-lettered envelope designs.

Other perks include:

  • pays rent on time
  • discusses design randomly throughout the week
  • fills the house with electronic tunes
  • watches national news on the television
  • babysits for my pug Lexy when I am out of town (he loves her) scares away the Oklahoma City robbers

Oh and unicorn giraffes!


Pause and Marvel

Pause and Marvel

The creative team at our OKC web design studio has a passion for supporting local artists. This spring and early summer, we are excited to share the work of Reshon Shirley.