Exploring Nature

If you have ever visited our OKC web design studio, you know that we not only love art, but we also love plants. These two passions make Kyndall Rainey the perfect artist for our studio. If you are inspired by nature, you will not want to miss Kyndall’s art.

Life-Long Passions

Kyndall has the innate ability to observe and translate the world around her. As she explains, “Ever since I was young, I have loved observing colors and beauty in the world around me and trying to draw or paint it. When I started art lessons in middle school, I knew I wanted to be an artist. The satisfaction and peace I felt when creating was something beyond myself. When I am painting, I feel closest to God and understand who I am even more. Being an artist wasn’t really a decision for me. It was something that unfolded before me and led the way.”

As a child, she also developed another passion at an early age, nature. “I have always been inspired by nature. I started gardening with my mom when I was six. She would often take me to my grandmas, who lived on a three-acre wood, and we would create garden beds while listening to all the bugs and animals outside. Those memories have brought me so much peace and have led me to develop a green thumb. I have way too many plants in my house!”

Nature not only influences Kyndall’s subject matter; it also affects her style. “Since I am a nature lover, I have found ways to recycle and reuse materials to mimic the textures I see in nature. People have often laughed when I asked them for the sleeves off their coffee or the bubble wrap from their packaging for my paintings.”

Inspiration and Takeaway

Nature is a teacher that continues to inform Kyndall’s work.“Not only do the colors and textures of plants inspire me, but also how they survive and grow. Nature often has stories to share with us that can help us grow through our hardships and remind us to always look towards the light.”

As an artist, Kyndall understands that everyone responds to pieces differently. This is what makes art good. Still, she hopes that they find some of the joy she does. “Paintings are silent, but they can speak the unspoken or evoke a feeling that someone may need in their life. When people look at my paintings, I want them to hear or feel what they need. I also want to share the same love, joy, and peace that I feel when I am outside and enjoying nature to its fullest.”

OKC Featured Artist

If you would like to see Kyndall’s work, please schedule a time to stop by the studio. You will be able to enjoy the art if you have a digital marketing OKC, logo design OKC, or OKC web design meeting. There are also pieces in the lobby for you to enjoy any time the building is open.