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Aug 30, 2022 | Art, Featured Artist

As a full-service OKC web design studio, our team loves to support other creators. For this reason, we host local artists throughout the year. This summer, we are happy to share the work of Sara Cowan. A master of color and texture, Sara’s artistic style is definitely catching the attention of our visitors.

Be an Artist:

For Sara, art was never an intentional choice. As she explains, “I’ve always been creative, so I don’t recall consciously wanting to be an artist. I just always was one.”


She does understand how intimidating the title “artist” can be, and how it can be difficult to choose that title for yourself, which is why she encourages others to take on the role they desire. “I believe that anyone who wants to be an artist should skip the wanting part and just be an artist… That’s why I started the completely fictitious OKC ART TEAM – it’s for people who are ready to claim that title and for those who are waiting for permission.”

You may notice that some of the artists we have hosted are part of this beautiful community.

Be an Artist


Sara has an organic, creative process for her pieces. She does not plan her work beyond background color, which can change as the piece progresses. She says, “the paintings I make just come out of my hands when I begin.” This free-flowing process makes each painting truly unique, while the textures help it comes alive.

See Yourself:

Sara has a variety of paintings, including geological pieces that she sees as, “representing one human’s life, with the arcs and recoveries inherent within.” As you look at these paintings, she hopes that those who look at them see how “life events and experiences impact the future and development of human lives.”

See Yourself

When asked what people should see in her art, however, Sara does not limit their interpretation. “Because art can be interpreted so differently by each viewer, I respect that everyone will bring their own experiences to it.”

View Sara’s Art at At Our OKC Web Design Studio:

Sara has been kind enough to bring us a variety of work, including a couple of items reproduced for display at the Omni Hotel in Oklahoma City. We hope you will come to see it all in person at our studio. It is sure to make you think and brighten your day.

the studio

Every client who visits will have the opportunity to view this stunning collection of work without fail. If you do not have an upcoming meeting or are not a client, please take a moment to schedule a visit by calling or emailing our studio. We will be more than happy to show you around the studio. You might discover the perfect piece for your home or office or a gift for a loved one. If you are not ready to expand your art collection, you just might find the inspiration and courage to become the artist you always wanted to be.

Please take a look at Sara’s work on Instagram, and give her a follow to keep up with her amazing art and crafts.


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