Finding Beauty in Subtleties

Feb 23, 2023 | Featured Artist

Whether we are collaborating with our clients or finding inspiration from unique subjects and spaces, our Oklahoma design team always enjoys seeing the results that come from innovative thinking and hard work. Because of this passion for creativity, we also love to support other creators – especially artists.

We host local artists at our studio in Bethany throughout the year. In addition to enjoying the one-of-a-kind pieces ourselves, our team has the opportunity to introduce our clients to the artwork that we love. We are excited to begin 2023 with a new art installation featuring the paintings of Deborah Burian.

meet deborah

Meet Deborah.

With a lifelong love of creativity and exploration, Deborah explains, “It’s not so much that I chose to be an artist but more that I can’t help but be one.”

Describing her childhood self as a “feral child,” Deborah and her siblings grew up enjoying as much time as possible exploring the outdoors. “… we found peace, comfort, and sustenance in the woods adjacent to our home property… the outdoors was both a safe place and a sanctuary.” This deep and authentic appreciation for the natural world around her shines through in each painting.


Deborah’s artwork features a wide variety of subjects and styles, yet her paintings can always be recognized through her unique use of textured surfaces. The pieces displayed in our studio include still-life scenes of simple and beautiful moments represented through vibrant oil paints on a range of surfaces. We are also excited to showcase some of her more abstract paintings of unique landscapes, which are inspired by the feelings one experiences when actually in those spaces.


Appreciating Natural Spaces.

Drawn to the peace, comfort, and beauty of wild places from a young age, Deborah’s most recent artistic inspiration is the prairie, which she represents through both watercolors and oil paints. As she explains, “I love the vast expanse of emptiness and the subtleties to be seen if one stops to look.”

prairie flowers

Deborah recognizes the prairie land as “… the places that restore our souls while providing sanctuary for all manner of creatures and plants.” As an advocate for land conservation, Deborah hopes that after experiencing her work, people leave with a better understanding of the preciousness, precariousness, and true value of these public lands.


Enjoy the Art at Our Oklahoma Design Studio.


Our design team is excited to enjoy and share over two dozen of Deborah’s paintings. Clients who have visited our studio recently have had the opportunity to enjoy her range of artwork. If you do not have an upcoming meeting or are not a client yet, please call or email our studio to schedule your visit. We will be more than happy to show you around the studio and give you time to take it all in for yourself.

Please take a moment to follow Deborah on Facebook and Instagram to enjoy more of her pieces and to follow along with her exploration of the beautiful, yet often little-known, public lands throughout the country.


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