Forms With EE

There are a few different aspects about Elemental Editor forms that you will want to know. There is learning how to edit, create, delete, and export all the form entries. Here is some of the basic information you will need to know about forms.

Editing a Form

When wanting to edit a form, the first thing you will need to do (once you are logged in of course) is hit the “Forms” button in the top left corner of your screen.

Then you will hit the pencil icon on the form you are wanting to edit.

Remember to give the form time to load (there are little circles at the top) before starting your edits. If you do not wait for these to fully load, if you save the changes you made to the form, it will delete all the fields off the form. So if that form was on a page within your site, it will be gone.

Once your form has fully loaded, now it is time to edit.

If you want to delete a field, just hover over it, and then a red trash can icon will appear. Hit that trash can icon. Iit will ask if you are sure you want to delete this field so if you do want to delete that field hit “OK”.

If you need to edit an existing field to say something else, then you will hover over that field and then hit the little “settings” cog.

This is where you can change the “Field Label” or title of this field.

You can also add a description if this field (or question) needs more of an explanation on how to answer or make this field required (they have to answer if) before they can submit the form entry.

To add a new field, just choose what one you are needing added from the list on the right hand side.

Once you have decided which field you want to add, you can drag and drop it where you are wanting it to live within your form. So if you want it to live in between the name and phone fields, drag and drop it in between those two. Just be sure any new fields that are added are above the Captcha at the bottom of the form. Be sure to save your form.

Creating a New Form

When creating a new form, you will still need to hit the “Forms” button in the top left of your screen. From there you will hit the blue “Create Form” button on the right side (above the forms that have already been created).

Once you have hit that button, you will now give your form a title or name. Type in the name you want like “Contact” or “Get in Touch”, and then hit the green  “Save & Continue” button.

Now a blank form will appear.

You can drag and drop new fields or you can just click on them and they will be put on your new form. You edit any of the fields by hitting on the little “settings” cog next to the field and you can delete them by hitting the red trash can icon.

If you create a new form and need it on a page within your website, just let us know what page you want it on and who you want to get the form submission emails and we will get the new form added to that page for you. Be sure to save your form.  (If you edit a form it will just update automatically on the page once you hit save.)

Deleting a Form

If you wish to delete a whole form it is extremely simple. You will go to your forms, “check” the box beside the form you wish to delete, then at the bottom where it says “–with selected–” you will hit that and choose “Remove”, and then hit submit (it will ask you if you are sure you want to delete it…if you are, hit “OK”).

Just a reminder that if this form exists on your site, let us know when you delete the form so we can remove some code, so that page won’t say “NO FORM FOUND” on it.

Exporting Entries

We recommend exporting form entries once a month if you get a lot of form entries, or at least once per quarter no matter what. This just helps you have a backup of all the form entries/submissions. You can see all of your forms and how many entries each form has.

To export them you will find what form you are wanting to export and then hit “entries”.

It will then take you to all the entries that form has. To export you will hit the very top “check” box to select them all, and then you will hit the blue “Export” button. This will download a csv file will all the information from the form entries.

Double check to make sure you have all the entries/information. Then if you want to you can select all those entries and then remove them permanently. You will go to your entries, “check” the box beside the entries (or “check” all) you wish to delete, then at the bottom where it says “–with selected–” you will hit that and choose “Remove”, and then hit submit (it will ask you if you are sure you want to delete them…if you are, hit “OK”).

The most important thing to remember when editing or creating forms is to make sure the form is fully loaded. You do not want to spend all that time editing/creating just to have it all be deleted once you hit “save”. If you have any questions when editing, creating, or exporting forms please reach out to myheartcreative, an OKC web design company, and we will gladly help.