Handmade Paper Notes and Pantone Colors

May 6, 2013 | Color, Graphic Design Oklahoma, Personal

We had a fun babyshower at my work last Monday. We enjoyed fruit, bagels, presents, and lots of laughter. One of the best presents baby Samuel and I received was from Jessica.


The present was a big pile of books. She spent the time to make handmade origami paper cards for each book. The books were in a specific order numbers 1 through 5. The cards coordinated with the colors of the numbers in the books.


Inside of each card there were poems about the books. Here is one of my favorite.


Can you believe she found a Pantone baby book? How cute is that? My son is going to be inspired by color variety and color precision from an early age.

paperandcolor_book paperandcolor

Thank you Jessica. I too love 7692.

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