As a full-service Oklahoma design studio, we value creativity and believe in supporting other creatives. For the first part of 2020, we are thrilled to host Aimee Eischen from Of Dust & Ash Art. Her beautiful abstracts bring beauty and inspiration during this lingering winter.

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An Artist at Heart

Aimee’s art is a part of her. She explains, “I don’t remember making a choice to become an artist. I truly believe it’s just part of how I’m created. One of my earliest memories is that of being in my Great Aunt’s art studio – surrounded by her paints and palettes.


Aimee explains that her first creative work was written. “I started writing poetry at the age of 12 as a method to help me process and deal with hard things happening in my life. I have continued to write poetry, a personal blog, and just recently, I’ve been working on a children’s book I hope to publish.”

Although she loved painting, fear held her back. “Trauma does complicated, painful things to people, and I truly believe life experiences and false beliefs kept my brush silent. But finally, a little over a year ago, I decided to take the courageous step and just paint. It was very unhealthy for me to continue to deny that part of myself, and since starting to paint, I feel I have truly begun to fully step into who I was created to be.”



Aimee has no shortage of inspiration for her art. “We have four kiddos, all through the messy-beautiful journey of adoption. We also have very open adoptions with their birth families. So we deal with many big feelings and hard things in our home. Painting gives me an outlet to feel, process through, and pray over my big feelings about their big feelings.”


Her intuition and literary background also play a strong role in her work. As she explains, “Each painting starts with words on the canvas – verses, song lyrics, poetry, or a beautiful word. Even though they can’t be seen when I’m done, they are the foundation underneath that is the spirit of the piece.”



Aimee has a very clear message in her collection. “I guess in one word what I want others to take away from my work is ‘Hope.’ That even in the dark, wounding, experiences of this life – there is light, beauty, and hope that comes and can be found even in the hardest of places. I truly believe art can heal. Both the artist and those viewing the work. I honestly can’t think of higher praise for one of my paintings than when someone tells me it caused them to feel something.


If you are working on web design OKC or another project with us, you are sure to be delighted with her pieces when you are here.You can stop by the lobby of our building anytime during business hours and view her art. It is a lovely way to spend your lunch hour.

If you would like to come view Aimee’s work in our studio, please contact us.

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