How To Unlock Insider Secrets On Ways to Create Powerful Advertising

When it comes to creating sensational advertising it’s not necessarily rocket science, but there is a bit of science to this extraordinary business tool. Today’s client wants short and sweet, genuine advertising that relays a message quickly, and prompts them to want to know more about your product or service. The laws of attraction play a big part in the advertising world, too. When it comes to humans: It all starts with visual and then there’s a hook. So how do you go about creating your very own unique advertising?

Visualize Success

When it comes to amazing, unique and effective design you really need to visualize success. Attractive designs are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and often pop with various colors that are scientifically chosen to attract a certain kind of client. You’ll want to choose art or logo design that successfully markets your business in the best way possible. For instance, if you are selling cupcakes you want your advertising to be scrumptious and deliciously attract people who want to eat your product. If you are, for instance in the Insurance Industry you might want clients to know they are sincerely safe in your hands–and so is there money.

Be Unique

No matter what your design intentions–make them unique. myheartcreative CEO’s Sam and Amy sent out the sweetest thing ever to the myheartcreative team for Christmas–a Christmas Card designed with the intent to build team morale. When designing for your business, you should focus on personalization in lieu of just one generic design. Unique designs promote genuine advertising that is really attractive to others.

One of the coolest examples of this is the process in which it took us to create the OSU-OKC Farmer’s Market Advertising Campaign. We started with initial mood boards, presented logos, sat down with the Farmers Market Team face to face, and got their feedback on which direction they truly wanted to go with their brand. The finished product–amazing advertising built one of a kind for OSU-OKC Farmer’s Market:

Creating a Killer Hook

Today’s advertising climate also plays on sincere emotions through the use of powerful words. Just like the advertising above, the new SEO, or the power of keywords, writing taglines and hooks for your posters and advertising material can be the ticket to outshine your competitors. The average headline or tagline is only one sentence, and that’s all you have to grab the attention of readers. To do that, you have to delicately combine powerful words to write emotional headlines and taglines that seduce your reader.

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