As an established Oklahoma web design company, we believe in giving back to our community and supporting creative expression. This is why we host local artists at our design studio. For the holiday season, we are happy to have the art of Keith Wolfe.

A Lifelong Love

Keith has always loved art. He remembers going to Michaels with his mother as a boy. He recalls. “I looked forward to those trips as much as I did the toy store. I remember walking the aisles of the artist areas, thinking about how each tool might be used.” He describes his early work as “attempted objective art”. With a fascination for architecture and technical drawings, they influenced his early work, including pencil sketchings. He says that he soon “realized that abstraction and non-objective art was more for me.”


Keith began as an art major. Still, he graduated with a bachelor’s in English and worked as a Technical Writer, which satisfied his “techy desires and included quite a lot of technical illustrations.” He says that he soon “realized that abstraction and non-objective art was more for me.”


“It took another 20 years of exploring other avenues,” but Keith returned to making art. Now a seasoned professional, Keith’s work shows great depth and maturity.


Inspiration and Intuition

For Keith, inspiration is intuitive. “I may see a landscape. I may notice a reflection in a pool of water. I may also observe a dancer, see a face, or read an article on artificial intelligence.


My approach to painting is a balance of intuitive exploration and practical study. Some of my pieces start and end according to a plan; others are achieved by reacting to spontaneous impulse. One stroke of the brush can easily take work in a different direction worthy of exploration.”



Keith hopes that viewers will make their own insights into his art. “Interpretation, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, after all. In fact, one of my joys is hearing different things others see in my work. My goal is to inspire others to discover different ways of experiencing the world around them and understanding that sometimes you have to look beyond what is obvious and what is normal to find beauty in unusual places.”



Please schedule a time to see Keith’s work in person. If you have any questions about art at our studio, please contact us.


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