more than talent


A graphic designer/developer tweeted this the other day and I agree!

I remember in college a graphic design graduate I knew worked at 7-eleven. This scared the heck out of me! I thought “oh boy Amy Sharp you must be getting into the wrong profession…”(but of course I stuck with it) I will never know exactly why that particular person was not working in their field and I know other extremely talented designers right now in Oklahoma City who are without a job! 🙁 I think companies and clients want to hire and work with more than talent.

A great graphic designer must be excellent at their craft, but they also must be:

  • trustworthy
  • responsible
  • dependable
  • hard working
  • sociable
  • agreeable
  • confident
  • appreciative

Michael Dick was right on by stating be as reliable as you are talented.

Do you agree?