New Ring Sling

If you haven’t noticed…my husband and I have been wearing our baby since he was born. We’ve had two wraps, a soft structured carrier, and a non adjustable sling. Wearing my baby not only has allowed me to comfortably attend company parties, run errands, work at my desk, and clean house (all great things) but it also brings me and my son closer together. When I’m Babywearing, my son and I snuggle nonstop! I can keep a close watch on his well being and give him lots of kisses when we are heart to heart. Babywearing also boosts my confidence as a mom! Nothing says “awesome mom” like wearing your baby right?

Babywearing Examples

I will be blogging more on Babywearing (safety, instructions, and other information), but I just wanted to give you all a little insight into our Babywearing journey so far.

Ring Sling

Here is my newest addition to my Babywearing gear! I’ve created my own ring sling design and my first attempt turned out almost perfect! My ring sling is made with linen material and aluminum rings which are tested for safety. The rings sling design I’ve created has a unique triangle shaped tail, inward facing pleats with a triangle design detail, myheartcreative design detail, and a large pocket. I’m still waiting on my tags and finalizing a few more tweaks to my own pattern. In the meantime I have decided to start taking ring sling orders right away!

Please contact me if you would like to order your own lovely linen ring sling.