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May 23, 2017 | Color, Art, Community, Creative, Featured Artist

Color and Light Make Her Work Shine –

At myheartcreative, we love making connections. In fact, the connection, or bond, between parent and child is the driving force behind our products.

We connect with our clients on a personal level, forging a professional friendship and getting to know what they’re all about.

We connect with our audience through things like this blog, social media posts and events.

We connect with other creatives because we have so much to learn from each other. That’s why we want to share another one of our favorite artists with you today.

Friends, meet Sarah Day-Short; a truly one-of-a-kind, local Oklahoma artist.

sarah 1

A mixed media abstract artist based in Oklahoma City, she received her BFA from The University of Central Oklahoma in 2010 and has shown her work all over Oklahoma since then. Sarah is not only a member of the local women’s art organization FRINGE, she’s also the Social Media & Marketing co-Director.

sarah 2 sarah 3

Her art connects.

She specializes in large scale, highly saturated, colorful art with metallic elements. A belief in the fundamentals of art, elements like color, light, line, shape and composition drive her work.

sarah 5

Sarah uses color and light to convey feelings to people through her art and believes “the color of furniture, paint color on the wall, as well as the colors of the art in a space all have an effect on our moods.”

sarah 8

Ever wonder why the walls at your favorite restaurant are red? Or why most day spas are decorated in green? It could have something to do with red being an appetite stimulator and green being a relaxing color. Just like designing the floor plan of a space, choosing a color palette is a monumental decision that must be made deliberately.

sarah 7

And Sarah is perfect for the job.

“The lighting in a space has a cool or warm spectrum, and this can affect your mood as well. When you apply this idea to art, paint color and light can give you a range of possible moods and emotions.”

These thoughts and careful planning go into every piece Sarah makes, so when you see her work, you know every detail is chosen for a reason and to convey a certain feeling.

sarah 6

Make a custom connection.

Sarah loves to do custom work! A visit to the space where the artwork will hang, along with a ton of pictures and questions, allows her to connect with your style and get a good idea of what will work in the space. She takes your specifications, if any, and lets her creativity run the show.

Approvals and customer input are asked for along the way, so you can always be sure you’re getting something you’re going to love.

The creative connection:

It can be tricky for a creative to separate their personal style and taste from a custom request. That’s why their personal and professional styles will often overlap. But what happens when you have to separate the two?

sarah 10 sarah 9

Sarah has an interesting approach –

“When I first started doing custom work I found it very difficult to separate from my personal creativity. It was hard for me when I was suddenly limited to a color palette, but it eventually made me think differently. I had to stop thinking conceptually and start thinking in terms of design. I was able to apply all those old interior design elements. At the time, I didn’t think of it as separating personal and professional creativity, but rather as problem solving.”

One thing’s for sure, when you get a custom piece of art from Sarah, you’re getting a piece that’s been carefully considered and meticulously handcrafted for your space. It’s a perfect fit, every time.

Check out some of her custom work!

Get Connected!

For even more information on Sarah or to discuss a custom piece, connect with her today via her website and on Instagram!

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