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The creative team at our OKC web design studio has a passion for supporting local artists. This spring and early summer, we are excited to share the work of Reshon Shirley. Skilled in multiple mediums, Reshon brings us the beauty of nature.

1 Pause and Marvel Reshon

Finding Purpose in Anxious Times:

Reshon explains, “I have been an artist since I could hold a crayon.” However, she faced the pressure to pursue a stable career rather than focusing on her true passion. Still, even after starting college and a job, the desire to be an artist remained. “Although I listened to what people were telling me, I always made sure to take some kind of art class each semester because that was my true passion. My gut told me to become an artist, but the world told me otherwise.”

As a working professional, the time to create art slipped away. The pandemic, however, brought Reshon back to her passion. From her perspective, “Anxiety was very high, and the only way I could curb those feelings was to paint. So I picked up my watercolors again and haven’t stopped.” The time that she had to grow as an artist re-emphasized the role that creating has in Reshon’s life: “This time, I know my potential and will do everything I can to make the dream of becoming a full-time artist a reality.”

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A Personal View:

For her installation at our design studio, Reshon brought a range of pieces, some of which showcase the subjects that she is most well-known for and others that show a new perspective on her unique style. When asked about her inspiration, Reshon said that the collection shows her the various sides of her personality and worldview.

“Flowers always know when to bloom – never too early or too late, always on time. Clouds know exactly when to release the rain – not a minute sooner, which is a lot of how I see God. He knows exactly what we need when we need it. He takes care of the smallest flower and shapes the largest cloud – His hand is in everything. The abstractions are to convey a sense of urgency or forcefulness.”

3 Pause and Marvel Reshon

Joy in the Mundane

As an artist, Reshon hopes that people learn to find joy in her work. “The main thing I want people to take away from my work is that there is joy in the mundane. Things we pass by every day still hold beauty. A flower is just a flower, but for a split second, you cannot deny it causes you to pause and just marvel at it. I want my work to allow people to forget about their issues or stresses, even if just for a few seconds while looking at it.”

4 Pause and Marvel Reshon

View Reshon’s Art At Our OKC Web Design Studio:

We invite you to personally view Reshon’s work here in our studio. If you are a visiting client, you will automatically get the chance to see the entire collection. You are also welcome to book an appointment to tour our OKC web design studio. A few pieces are displayed in the lobby that you can view during business hours. Please take a moment to follow Reshon on her Instagram or Facebook so you can keep up as she creates new pieces and learn more about her artistic process.


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