Periscope is the Next Best Thing to Teleportation

Nov 10, 2015 | Marketing, Oklahoma Web Design, Websites

Would you agree that watching a football game on television is a different experience than actually going to a game? Chances are, a lot of you would. Good, bad or indifferent, we know most events are best experienced live and in-person. Unfortunately, we can’t always be everywhere we want or need to be.

Teleportation, anyone?

All right, all right, we know being teleported to places isn’t possible (yet), so we want to introduce you to the next best thing – Periscope. Periscope is a FREE social media app that allows you to post live-streaming videos of what you’re doing at that very moment. It gives viewers the opportunity to see the world through your eyes and experience what you are experiencing.

Why does my company need Periscope?

In the world of successful website design, connecting to your clients through social media is imperative. It gives your company the most exposure while building brand awareness and brand trust. Your clients (and potential clients) get a clear image of what your company is all about through your posts and you can share specials or invite them to events. At myheartcreative, an Oklahoma Design Company, we believe one of the most genuine ways to connect with clients is through video. Posting a video of how your product works or coverage of your booth at a trade show, for example, gives them an authentic vantage point of what your company is bringing to the table. Until recently, social media sites allowed users to record short video clips and, once complete, post them for their followers to view. While this is great, it’s not exactly a real-time connection. Now, with the introduction of Periscope, you can live-stream, giving viewers the ultimate experience they’re craving.

How does Periscope work?

  • Download the Periscope app on your IOS or Android device and begin recording whatever you choose. It’s that simple. You will see videos of anything from what a person’s eating for breakfast, to a keynote speaker at a graduation ceremony–you have the creative control.
  • The People tab is where you’ll find users to follow. It will suggest featured people, most “loved” people and, if you connect to your Twitter account, people you are already following there.
  • Posts can be set to public or private, which gives you the authority to choose who’s able to view them.
  • Your followers receive a notification when you post, so there’s no chance of them missing your video.
  • Viewers send hearts to show your post “love”and can comment while you’re broadcasting.
  • Once posted, your video can be saved to your mobile device, but it will disappear from the site after 24 hours.

How can companies use Periscope?

The answer? In sooo many ways; a few are:

  • How-to tutorials or informational pieces on products
  • Live coverage of trade shows, conventions or contests
  • Live customer service
  • Meetings with clients on the other side of the country or world
  • Live Q & A sessions for clients
  • Webinars
  • Musicians can post live performances for fans
  • Teachers can use it to broadcast live class sessions with student participation

How is Periscope beneficial to my company?

  • When you post on Periscope, you can simultaneously post to your Twitter account, reaching more potential viewers.
  • Having a real-time connection and interaction means there’s no delay between the user and the viewer. Comments are viewed as they are posted and can be responded to immediately. This live interaction not only increases your exposure to new clients, it also helps develop the relationship you have with current clients.
  • Giving viewers a behind-the-scenes view of your company builds brand trust and gives your clients that extra human touch.
  • Stats are given for each post so you can see your broadcast time, number of viewers and the number of hearts received. Knowing your stats, or analytics, is vital to understanding how effective your company’s social media presence is and where adjustments might need to be made.

Since it’s release last March, several improvements have been made to Periscope, making it easier and more efficient to share your videos with viewers. And, as all new technological advances go, it has raised some ethical and legal questions that will, no doubt, be explored. In our world of Oklahoma web design & hosting, we believe having a strong social media presence gives a company a significant advantage over their competition. By integrating Periscope, this presence has the opportunity to further increase your company’s exposure and give your clients a next-level experience that will keep them coming back.

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