Mar 21, 2012 | Personal

I just finished watching Restore. You can read more about it here and watch the trailer:

I really hope you can take some time to watch each part of the Restore series. This will change your outlook on outreach. I promise.

I’m not going to write a big long post to explain Restore to you, but I would like to share a little about how the series spoke to me.

Part 1 made me uncomfortable. Sam and I are new in our marriage and in our quest to advance the Kingdom of God through myfaithmark, but I believe maybe we have fallen short. I can look back on some of our local good efforts that remind me of “Joe” and it makes me sad.

I can also look back on some of our efforts in India that look a lot more like what Restore is all about, but at the same time I’m so extremely challenged to do better. We need to do better and do more.

I want to bless people, build them up, and connect with them. I don’t want to hurt their sense of self worth through my ideas of what helping looks like. I want to learn. I want to ask what and how we can help. I’m not perfect and I don’t have all of the solutions. I believe that as I open my eyes to the hurts of this world God will make a way for me to make a difference for Him. In the meantime here are my prayers:

God help me to see people as you see them.

God help me to recognize that we are all broken and need You.

God help me to be better at relationships.

God help me to have a new perspective on ways of helping others.

God I want to live a missions lifestyle.



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