spero project

Last month I volunteered at The Spero Project’s Spero:Resource in Oklahoma City with Spero:Resource feeds an average of 225 families weekly. They welcome families and individuals to visit their food pantry and clothing center to provide some basic needs, but are known for building relationships with their clients.

I got up early and met fellow volunteers to start organizing, cleaning, sweeping, painting, and more. I chatted with my co-workers, for the day, about The Spero Project, volunteering, life, and even our various personal careers while doing manual labor! One of my favorite parts of the day involved the following conversation with Kim Bandy, Executive Director:

Kim Bandy: someone said you are a graphic artist
Amy Sharp: well yes…I am a Graphic Designer
Kim Bandy: oh so does that mean you can draw or paint?
Amy Sharp: haha um…yes

After the quick conversation Kim asked me to work on some different creative projects she had in mind. I had no problem with doing the manual labor, but it was amazing how she helped me put my creative skills to work. I was given a handful of projects:

  • painting a spero on canvas
  • painting labels on the fronts of containers
  • painting two simple murals

It was a great feeling to be applying the talents God has blessed me with to serve others and ultimately to serve Him!


Although I enjoyed executing Kim’s creative vision around the center, the very best part of the day was when we all had lunch together. The staff and regular volunteers shared stories about the work that The Spero Project was doing. Rosa Alarcon, Director of Client Services, Spero:Resource, talked about a family that would drive from out of town to visit Spero:Resource. She said she was trying to help the family out by mentioning there was another food pantry near their hometown. The client she was speaking with said they did not want to visit the pantry near them and loved coming to Spero:Resource because well… they remembered their names. Rosa went on to tell us more about the prayer and company they offer all their clients and I was so impressed.


This was one of my most memorable experiences as a Graphic Designer and human being.