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Apr 1, 2019 | Websites, CMS, Oklahoma Web Design, Support, Tips

At myheartcreative, We pride ourselves on our customer service. Our Oklahoma web design clients always receive trainings on their CMS systems. We also make ourselves available on a monthly Google Meet to answer questions and provide refreshers. Even with this support, it is easy to forget features if you do not use the system regularly. For easy access to information, we are creating a series of blogs for our Webvis CMS clients to highlight the different features of the system and how to use them.


You can always copy and paste text into the text elements of your Webvis CMS site. Do not, however, forget the most crucial step, which is removing the formatting.

  1. Place the text in Google Docs, your email, or another document creator.
  2. Remove the format, found under the format options. (See Google Doc example below.)
  3. Copy the text without formatting into the text element.

Google doc edit

Failure to remove the formatting from your text before you paste it will affect the code of your website. Changes to the code could alter the spacing, font, and alignment of your page.

Once you have the unformatted text, Paragraph Format will give you normal text and heading options. It is essential that you only choose Heading 2 or smaller.

Headings edit

The header on your page already has Heading 1, and it should only be on each page once. Once you have chosen your headers, continue to style the text using other features as you would on any other word processor to create your paragraphs.


The spacing between paragraphs in a text element is automatically set.

If you want a smaller break between paragraphs, however, it is possible. Use shift+enter (PC) or shift+return (Mac) to see the difference.


Spacing Between Elements

To see the spacing between your elements, you need to make sure that you have your CMS in Preview mode. You never want your text elements running into each other. It is important for your website to be scannable and pictures pushed up against text does not help. There is space between each element, such as text and images.


There are times, however, when you may need some extra space. Hit Enter at the end of your final paragraph before saving the text. You can see the difference below.

picture space

You may need extra space between elements when neither one has text. You can easily create the space yourself:

  1. Add a new text element.
  2. Hit return or enter.
  3. Drag the text element between your images.

Just look at the difference between these images. The this one has no extra space.


This is an image with an extra space.


Practice using these basic techniques on your website, and you will be surprised at how quickly they become second nature. We also have a video to help guide you.

If you have any questions about adding text, spacing, or any other feature of your Webvis CMS, please contact us. Our Oklahoma City web design team is always ready to help you. Have an idea for our next Webvis CMS blog? Please let us know.


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