The business of being whole.

Sam and I are continually working to stay focused on the values and vision for myheartcreative. The vision originated from our Chazowns. I believe I’m called to encourage the discouraged, empower the powerless, promote creativity, and inspire people through art and design. So the vision for myheartcreative is simply – to help people. Whether we’re helping moms run errands with children in tow, helping small business owners reach new customers, or helping non-profits positively impact their communities we truly want to help people.

We even tell this to our daughter all the time. “One day when you go out into the world…” and do this or that …”always HELP PEOPLE”. Helping people usually means putting others first and loving them as you want to be loved. Not an easy task. Not a task I have mastered to say the least, but one I’m constantly working on.


Yes, we live in a very selfish world. A world full of things, distractions, and pain. While the world tells me it would have been easier / better to stay in my previous design job, my heart tells me … whispers to me … don’t forget to help people. Help your soul, help your husband, help you kids, help your family, help your friends, help your team, help your customers…help your clients.



To be whole is not about closely gripping your hands to hang on to all you have, but opening them up. An open hand can pat someone on the back and show support. An open hand can surrender in worship. An open hand can create. An open hand can give to a great cause. An open hand can embrace a little kiddo rather than a little phone. An open hand can wave hello and show love. Being whole is about being open. It’s about helping people.

I’m so glad we are small business owners, laying our dreams at God’s feet, and we are helping people along the way.