The Fundamentals of Font Psychology

Apr 12, 2022 | Design

Fonts are an integral, detailed, and nuanced part of Dallas design. Whether a logo, flyer, business card, or website design, fonts are visual elements that influence viewer emotions. There are hundreds of thousands of fonts, and each one has a unique look and feel.


What Is a Font?

Typography refers to the arrangement of letters, numbers, and symbols. A font is a set of letters with its own weight, width, and style. These shared attributes create a family or typeface, which is a font family.

A typeface is made from the distinct elements that identify it. Some of these elements include stroke, stem, letter-spacing, serif, sans-serif, aperture, ascender, and baseline. For example, a serif typeface will have serifs on the characters, but there are many serif fonts.


Fonts and Graphic Design Dallas.

Any font you choose will communicate a message; make sure it is something you want to share. This is where font psychology plays a role. Below are some of the significant fonts and the various impressions they give.



This logo uses a serif font, which means that there are extra strokes for decorative purposes. You can see the “feet” at the bottom of the letters as well as on the top of the l in Oil and Butler. Of course, there are different types of serifs, including Old Style, Slab, Transitional, Modern, and Glyphic. One serif font you probably know is Times New Roman.

Serifs are a more traditional font type. They give the impression of sophistication, elegance, professionalism, formality, and reliability, which is why they never go out of style.

oil butler


We have established what a serif is. A sans-serif font is one that does not have any serifs. These are much simpler fonts and do not take up as much space in Dallas design. San-serif fonts may be Square, Humanist, Grotesque, or Geometric in nature. A familiar sans-serif font is Arial.

People who prefer clean, modern designs typically gravitate towards a san-serif. They communicate efficiency, approachability, and clarity.

Logo Gallery myheartcreative ICS


A script-type resembles handwriting. While they are not always the easiest to read, scripts are unique and eye-catching. There are different types of scripts such as Formal, Casual, Blackletter, and Calligraphic. One example of a popular script is Alex Brush.

A script communicates a personal touch, distinctive, creative, fun, or romance. You have likely seen these on wedding invitations.

Logo Gallery myheartcreative DoughBoyz


For a unique graphic design Dallas font, try something decorative. A decorative or display font blends different typeface elements together, creating something uncommon. They may not be very familiar, but they always make a statement.

These fonts provide a feeling of originality, flexibility, and creativity. Organizations with decorative or display fonts convey that they are willing to think outside the box.

Logo Gallery myheartcreative OSLS icon

Other Psychological Impacts.

You are not limited to a single font. Using more than one font will create emphasis in the text.

The name Meagan McGowan is a sans serif font in the logo below, while the icon and Realtor are serif fonts. The result is a clean and modern logo that still feels elegant and sophisticated.

Logo Gallery myheartcreative Meagan McGowen

Hand Lettering and Custom Font Typography

For the right project, hand lettering can be a personalized and alternative solution to choosing the right type of treatment. Hand lettering is not a font, but rather handwriting and drawing of the individual letterforms by hand. While there are fonts that simulate handwriting, hand lettering is an artful lettering style created by hand.

okpca logo

In the same line of thought, custom font type design is another path we take when pushing the norm in logo typography. Designers can spend endless hours searching for the perfect typeface, and often perform custom treatments to the font to finalize every detail is perfect for the design at hand. This is beyond the standard typography treatments we make to any and all fonts as we use them, kerning, leading, and alignment. Custom font design adjustment is when your design starts with a font but transforms into something original by editing the letterforms to bring together the final typography style. Examples include integrating swashes and embellishments, simplifying a unique display font for readability, and working the letterforms to integrate with the graphic elements in a special way.

put a cork in it

Both Hand lettering and custom font typography can evoke feelings of fascination, divergence, and artistry.

The color of a font will also create an emotional impact. For example, blue is known to create a feeling of trust, while green can impart a sense of nature and serenity. A well-made Dallas design will balance the font and color choices to convey your message effectively.

If you have questions about any of our design services, we invite you to reach out. Our team will be happy to create anything you need.


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