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Jun 24, 2019 | Art, Creative, Featured Artist, Oklahoma Artist

New artist, Wendi O’Connor, recently installed her work in our studio. As an Oklahoma website design company, we believe in supporting local art, and we are proud to showcase this up-and-coming creative. Wendi’s work came through process, motivated by a desire for art in her home.

Featured Artist Wendi O Connor


As she explains, “I started living on my own in my early twenties and wanted to decorate my walls, but I was broke, and art is expensive, so I just started getting a feel for what I liked and started trying to see if I could replicate it.” Over the years, the answer to the question if she is an artist, “has gone from ‘no, not really’ to an awkward ‘ah, kind of…’ to “yeah, I guess I am.’”

   Wendi Dreamscapes


A love of nature and abstract art helped shape O’Connor’s work. Her current collection comes from her “love for the mountains and landscapes.” She eventually found the work to be therapeutic as a perfectionist.

featured artist featured artist Axis close

featured artist Release

featured artist Dissonance   featured artist Dissonance close

featured artist Everglow

She explains, “‘Dissonance’ probably has about a hundred hours of work put into it. Most of the time was spent finding the lines, shapes, and techniques that put off the vibe I wanted to give. There are layers and layers of paintings underneath what you see that no one will ever know about except God and me. I couldn’t find a finish line because I was obsessed with the perfection of it. I then decided, “it is what it is” and moved on to the next piece, which was “Release.” “Release” might be my favorite piece of the collection, and it took about four hours in comparison with the months that went into “Dissonance.”

Wendi Genesis

Featured Artist Genesis12

The installation Genesis 1:2 is very special to myheartcreative. The paintings that make up Genesis 1:2 are dedicated to Sam’s best friend, Matt Carr, who passed away in 2013. Matt was the artist who inspired myheartcreative to host local artists. Wendy dedicated this painting to Matt, making it dear to our hearts.

People who view Wendi’s work will connect with the feelings of the pieces. Wendi, however, hopes that people sense an “invitation to feel an emotion that touches them in a way that inspires them to create work of their own, whatever its form.” Come visit us to find your inspiration, or check out her Instagram.

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