What Are the Graphic Design OKC Trends for 2021?

Dec 9, 2021 | Graphic Design Oklahoma

Professional graphic design OKC is essential to your branding OKC. The team at myheartcreative has years of experience in graphic design, and we keep up with the latest trends to ensure that our clients’ designs are never dated.


Graphic Design OKC Trends

Like any art form, graphic design is constantly evolving. Logos, print design, and social media graphics are just a few of the ways graphic designers develop your branding OKC. Here are some popular trends from 2021.



There is no shortage of symbolism in the world. From religions to romance and medicine, we easily recognize a variety of symbols. Symbols help people develop a sense of community and connection. They also give visual cues to what an organization values as it reaches out to its target audience. For example, the arrowhead in Osage Environmental Solutions is symbolic of the Osage Nation’s ownership of the organization.

symbolism design myheartcreative

Gild and Jewel Tones

Metallics and highly saturated jewel tones have been gaining ground in recent years. Those who desire to develop a sense of luxury in their brands gravitate towards this trend. These color choices are typically included in more minimalist designs so that they make a bold statement without being overbearing.

mhc Pure logo

Nostalgia Design

For the past couple of years, more and more people have been drawn to retro looks with a hint of nostalgia. Giving a new twist to something familiar and comforting can help build trust with the right audience. For a nostalgic design to be effective, you need to understand your customer demographics. A nostalgic design can bring back the feeling of different decades. From the ‘60s and ‘70s to the ‘80s and ‘90s, there is always a decade your audience will remember fondly.

mhc MotographRides long hp

Nature Design

Also called organic design, this trend borrows from the look and feel of nature and the environment. This style pulls from the colors, shapes, and textures we see in the natural world. You can see how the logo below uses the leaves to create the W of the icon.

mhc White Willow Designs logo

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are nothing new in the world of graphic design OKC. These designs look deceptively simple, but it takes skill to build something unique with basic shapes and patterns. Geometric shapes often take on a slightly abstract quality. Still, they are effective at drawing attention and getting your message across to people.

mhc Young Surveyors Network logo

Optical Illusion

Grabbing and holding the attention of viewers is the point of graphic design. Optical illusions are ideal for this purpose. Whether you use movement or hint at an action in a print piece, this technique can have a magical quality to it.

Remember that optical illusions are not for everyone, and it is very easy to make them too complicated to enjoy if you are not careful.

optical illusion design myheartcreative

Naturally, these are just a few of the current trends in graphic design. Effective design requires knowledge of trends along with the creativity to make something truly unique. If you have any questions about graphic design or you are ready to make your branding OKC stand out from the crowd, please reach out.


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