Where Change Resides

May 28, 2014 | Creative, Personal

This past year has been full of change. I’ve been learning how to be a mom to a babe, where my priorities lie, how to be more confident in my own skin, and just how strong I am. Daily my son has been changing and I’ve watched him become this little person who’s able to walk and so ready for whatever the next day will bring. He just turned 1! Not only has life been changing and growing right before our eyes in our sweet little family, but we’ve also been making big changes for myheartcreative. Sam, my husband and business partner, is now our Director of Client Services and working hard to take care of all things myheartcreative. He’s managing everything from design operations to the customer experience. Speaking of customer experience we can now sell our slings online and we will be releasing new slings very soon. More big changes coming so stay tuned!

Where change resides, fear hides.

All of this to say – I’m working on embracing change more and more lately. I’ve realized that experience as a maker, creative, and human…is wonderful, but it can also lead to routines and fears of failure. Where change resides, fear hides is my new mantra. Instead of doing what’s second nature to me…I’m pushing myself to try new methods.

Some changes I’ve been experimenting with include rearranging my living room, chopping off my hair, praying more, driving different routes to work, exploring new dreams, listening to podcasts instead of music when designing, walking again (finally), new friends, leaving the office at 5 (and not feeling guilty about it – family first), and many more wonderful alterations.

It’s been said “there is no progress without change” and I believe it. It feels so much safer to go on doing what I’ve been doing, but I’m ready for more. How can I change the world if I’m not willing to change MY world? Growth is an indication of life. To grow you have to stretch outside of your comfort zone. I’m so excited to see how God’s going to use my attitude of change to continue to mold me and help my family to grow.

I’m open and ready. Let’s keep moving forward


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