You Are Beautiful – Hair

Less is better. Simple is good. You are beautiful. You’re unique. Life is now. God made you for this.

These are some things I’ve been feeling and telling myself. I think the world tries to tell us we need more things, or to be more like somebody else, or that life will be good when…or if only I could be…

Life is good now! You are beautiful now! God made you custom. You are designed to be just the way you are. You are uniquely made to be beautiful inside and out. Your differences make you special. I love how we are all made one of kind, but the problem is we usually try to change ourselves don’t we? You don’t need more – more shoes, nicer jewelry, darker or lighter skin, more money, more Old Navy shirts (ah I love me some Old Navy) a better body, or even dyed hair to be happy and beautiful! Be confident in every inch of you because it is – you. So all of this is leading me to share some of my personal and beautiful realizations.


I had bright blonde hair that looked white in most photos when I was a little girl. As I grew up my hair turned blonde, sandy blonde, and then a solid light brown color. Since 2001 I’ve been having my hair dyed to blonde, brown, or some other color – other than my natural color – every 3 months or so. That’s approximately $4,420 worth of fake! Wow! Not only has it cost me money, but it’s also cost me time worrying about if my roots were growing in and making sure big life events were first preceded by a dye job (Need to look “good” for photos right?). Don’t judge me I know most women do the same thing! I won’t judge you either if you dye your hair and who knows maybe one day I will dye my hair again, but let’s think this over. Who told me my hair wasn’t pretty before? Why do we dislike our natural hair color in the first place?

I think part of being beautiful is looking nice, but the biggest part is being whole on the inside. I do not want to conform to the patterns of this world. Proverbs 31:30 says Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.


So, I’m going natural. I cut my long hair and I’ve been growing out my very own, God given, one of a kind – Amy Samuel virgin locks for about 4 months. I’m going classic. I’m going original. Yes this comes with some grays and a more muted hair color, but it’s me! I feel excited and free about not feeling like I have to change myself. It will take some time for all of my dyed hair to grow out, but in the meantime I’m very proud to sport the beginnings of my real hair aka roots. I’m looking forward to saving my family money and to being me.

And if you didn’t catch this while reading my blog…you are beautiful.