A Guide to the Monogram Design Process

Jul 21, 2022 | Graphic Design Dallas, Design, Print design

Monograms are not just for towels; they play a vital role in much of graphic design Dallas. This traditional design style is appropriate for everything from wedding invitations to company branding. So, what are monograms, and why do we use them?

Monograms and Dallas Design

A monogram is a combination of letters that work together as a single image. Writing out initials, for example, is not a monogram.

Rather, the letters combine in a way that makes sense but is also clever and unique.

Logo Gallery myheartcreative ICS

As you can see here, the name’s initials combine to create a singular mark. The shapes create an I, C, and S, which is a monogram of the company name.

No matter who needs a monogram created, there is always a careful process to the design.

1. Define the Purpose

The first step in any Dallas design project is to define what it is and how it will be used. Are we creating a monogram logo using the company name, a wedding invitation monogram, or something else? Knowing how the client will use their design is necessary to guide the project.

A logo, for example, will require the versatility to look great on every aspect of an organization’s brand, including billboards and social media. Wedding designs, on the other hand, are traditionally print pieces. Still, more people are choosing to add monograms to their wedding websites.

At myheartcreative, we take the time to understand the full scope of a project during our discovery meeting.

2. Design

After defining the scope of work, it is time to begin the design process. We start by sketching out different ideas and letterform combinations at this stage.


We consider how the letters should be combined and keep the message your need to communicate in mind. A logo will use letters from the business name. On the other hand, a wedding invitation will combine the initials of the individuals getting married.

rustic wedding

After creating the preliminary sketches, it is time to begin making them in graphic design Dallas software. Here the linework, kerning, and styling are carefully refined to create a clean and polished look.

3. Colors

We always create the initial image in black and white to ensure that it looks its bests without the influence of a favorite color. Once a design is chosen, the color phase begins. We develop a complete color palette with primary and secondary colors for a monogram style logo. Naturally, the colors play an important role in defining a company’s message.

For invitations, on the other hand, the colors of the wedding will guide the final look and feel of the design to create something that conveys the couple’s style. Once the monogram design is completed and packaged appropriately, it is ready to use.

Do You Need a Monogram?

While you will see monogram logos and monogrammed invitations, they are not always necessary. During the initial design meeting, it is wise to keep an open mind and consider alternatives. A different type of design might better suit your needs.

If you have any questions about logo design, print design, or other Dallas design projects, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are ready to help bring your ideas to life.


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