Artistic Healing

As a team of creatives, we have been opening our space to support local artists for a few years. This month, we invite you to view the work of Bianca Roland. Her work with bold color and texture is exactly what we need to see this year.

Bianca first

A Life of Creativity

Bianca has always been naturally creative. As she puts it, “The first thing I ever wanted to be was an artist. I have dabbled with creative writing. I have tried many different kinds of crafts, and still love to play with all kinds of different creative expressions.” She eventually lost her motivation to become an artist as she “grew up.”

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A Path to Healing

An illness would bring Bianca back to art. As she explains, “I got very sick. I fought and won a battle with major depression, and in 2016 I started painting as part of my healing process. At first, I only painted for myself, with no structure and no particular goal or intent to show my work. As I continued to heal and paint, I began to experiment with new styles and new mediums. I found within the process of painting space to express a part of myself that had always needed an outlet and a return to a childlike state of mind. Painting, drawing, doodling, and every other little bit of art that I do is a form of meditation for me.”

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Style and Process

Bianca describes herself as the “type of artist who likes to use the entire crayon box.” She also enjoys incorporating detail into her pieces. Her process is unique. “After I choose colors and lay down base layers, the process is a lot like laying in a field, looking up at the sky, and finding the shapes in the clouds. I let the paint find its own way, and I get lost in the process.”

Bianca style

Inspiration and Healing

If you look at Bianca’s pieces, you can see the feelings and stories throughout each one. She believes in the healing power of art. “For me, what I do is on par with both my yoga and meditation practices. I believe this kind of artistic healing is available to anyone, and I hope that learning about journeys like mine encourages people to play with art as part of their own healing and inner growth.”

Bianca inspiration

Be sure to schedule a time to stop by the studio and look at her work in person. There are also a couple of pieces in the lobby if you are in the area. Of course, anyone working on a web design OKC or brand design OKC project will be able to enjoy her work.



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