Just for fun?

Nov 30, 2012 | Creative, Designers, Doodles, Inspiration

I found this post through a tweet by @wddatft. The post asked “What have you built recently just for fun?” What a great question. Now the writer is talking about asking this question in an interview setting which is a great idea, but I think asking yourself that question isn’t a bad idea either. So I asked myself (twisting the words a little) “What have you created recently just for fun?” Besides the fact that I am currently creating a baby in my tummy hahah… my most recent creations, just for fun, are Christmas cards and doodles, but I’m inspired to create more… to do more. I recently completed my doodle a day sketchbook project in August so I am going to challenge myself to another doodle a day sketchbook project for December. This month I will dedicate 30 minutes of my day to doodles, J U S T  F O R  F U N.

Thank you Daniel Ryan for inspiring me to keep doing what I love and having fun.

Never stop creating.


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