2021 Reflections & 2022 Projections

Jan 5, 2022 | Reflections and Projections

Reflections on Persevering in 2021!

Our OKC web design studio’s theme for 2021 was “Perseverance.” With that, our focus as an Oklahoma SEO team was to grow through challenges, support our community, continue creating, and bring our clients with us on our journey to a year full of successes.

Through perseverance, creativity, about 24 lbs of coffee grounds, around 48 bottles of coffee creamer, and 6 handfuls of confetti, our team was able to accomplish each of these goals, all while making it through another pandemic year. We are excited to share what a focus on perseverance has done for our team in 2021.

team confetti myheatcreative 2022

New Tools and Software

To help us reach our goals, we have introduced four new tools this year. While each has its unique purpose, using this new software together has led to a significant impact on our success. Whether a technology was used to make our services for clients more effective and efficient or was only used internally for the myheartcreative team, each of our new tools has helped us help our clients.

Increased OKC Web Design Security

We have had even more behind-the-scenes work happening at the studio. While we have always focused on security for ourselves and our clients, we have expanded our strategies even further this year. From starting out with a highly secure development to adding various security factors to your email, social media, and GMB accounts, our techniques help keep your website (and your business as a whole) safer than ever. In 2021, our team’s website security measures included:

  • 5,304 backups
  • 1,224 malware checks
  • 12,240 plugin updates
  • 612 theme updates


Growing in Number

Our focus on perseverance has helped us grow in more ways than one this year. In addition to expanding our toolkit and adding on to our existing services, we have also grown our team. Now, myheartcreative has more experts working on design, development, and digital marketing.

Focusing on Oklahoma SEO

One key area where our studio has grown significantly is our SEO services. Through our new search engine strategies and techniques, we have been able to expand the reach and boost the success of 8 SEO clients and ourselves. Across these 9 websites and through nearly 600 blogs this year, we now have a total of 135 keywords that have reached the first page of search results. Of those keywords, 40 have reached and stayed in the #1 spot.

Projections for Excelling in 2022:

While our team will always continue persevering, as we move into 2022, we aim to do more than persevere. That is why our theme for this upcoming year is “excel.” Our focus is to perfect our current services, refine our skills, and reach out into new areas.

When it comes to our team’s priorities, two factors that always make the top of the list are providing the best quality services and supporting our clients. As we focus on excelling in 2022, we will continue doing what we do best while introducing new techniques and strategies so we can help your business grow and succeed.

We look forward to excelling as a studio and as a team in 2022. Get in touch to start growing your business with myheartcreative.


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