Ten years ago, the seeds for myheartcreative were planted when Amy created her first website and blog post. Little did she know that sharing creative ideas with her audience would become a catalyst that would eventually lead to the creation of a new design company. First, however, there were a few stops to make.

In the blog’s early days, Amy created a babywearing ring sling to use with her son, a design she continued to use with her daughter. People loved her design and wanted to buy it. Due to the demand, Sam had the idea to start a business, which soon built a babywearing community.
myheartcreative Babywearing Ring Sling

After a few years of entrepreneurship, Amy and Sam opened the first myheartcreative design studio out of their house. Now located in Bethany, Oklahoma, the company has expanded its services and added some more people to the team.
myheartcreative In-home Studio

myheartcreative In-home Studio

myheartcreative Start of New Studio

myheartcreative our blog turns 10 team photo


Over the years, our blog transitioned with the business. We still include Amy’s ideas on design and family. Nevertheless, we also cover many new topics, including websites, photography, logos, branding, local art, SEO, E-commerce, and online marketing.

Although we have expanded our subjects and have more than one content creator, the heart of the blog remains the same as it was when Amy first began. We share information and ideas that we hope will provide guidance and enjoyment to our audience. Whether we are:

our goal is always to provide content that will benefit our clients and followers.


We are so thankful for everyone who has supported us over the years and allowed us to flex our creative muscles. It is an honor to work with such wonderful clients. We would not be here without you.


We look forward to finding more ways to entertain you and keep you informed with our blog, along with better ways to serve you as our clients. We do not know everything that the next 10 years will bring, but we do know that is will be amazing.

If you have any questions about our services or you have any ideas for blog topics, please contact us.


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