myheartcreative Turns Five

Our Oklahoma web design studio officially launched on August 14, 2014. A passion project for Amy and Sam, the business evolved from their dedication to family, belief in hard work, and desire to make a difference in the world around them. Although they grew up in different countries, the couple had similar values when they met. In fact, Sam’s work ethic initially reminded Amy of her grandparents’.

As their family began to grow, they faced many of the same challenges other parents do, attempting to balance work with the needs of children. Their solution was simple; create a company rooted in their personal values that embraced the importance of home and family.

Their recipe for success did not bring results overnight. They did, however, make steady progress thanks to their perseverance and resolve always to do what is right. As we look back, we see each year brought its own milestones and memories.

Our Favorite Memories

  • 2014 – One of our first clients met in Sam and Amy’s living room to discuss the project details. Five years later, they are still a client, and we recently completed their website redesign.
  • 2015 – After a year of growth, it was time to create an official in-home studio. Amy sacrificed her patio for the good of the company, which proved to be the correct decision.
  • 2016 – As the workload increased, Amy needed more help. myheartcreative brought on a talented intern as well as our first full-time team member.
  • 2017 – Always looking for a way to give back, myheartcreative began to host local artists in the studio without taking a commission for the work.
  • 2018 – We expanded our services to include SEO packages, which our new Administrative Assistant, now Communications Coordinator, helped promote.
  • 2019 – Our first full-time photographer and filmmaker joined the team as our Media Artist.

We cannot wait to see what else the future has in store for us.

Party Time

Having reached our five-year milestone, we are ready to party. Please join us as we go LIVE for FIVE on Wednesday, August 14, 2019, at 3:00 pm. This will be unlike any other Live Facebook session we have ever hosted. We want to take this time to thank everyone who has been part of myheartcreative. From artists to our logo and web design clients, we would not be here without you. So, what better way to celebrate than with you? Anyone who joins in will have the opportunity to play games with us and win some fun myheartcreative swag.

What’s Next?

We are proud of everything we have built at myheartcreative. Our services have expanded since the days of our in-home studio, and we are always looking for new ways to help our clients stay competitive. While you will see growth and change in the future, keep in mind that the heart of our company will always be the same.

If you have any questions about myheartcreative’s services, or you are ready to begin a project, please contact us. We are always here for you.


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